Welcome to the Maximize Your E-newsletter Masterclass

Thank you so much for joining the course. I hope you get a lot out of it.

We wanted to expand this course to meet more authors on their timetables, so we have opened it up to be year round, however we still want you to have support and feedback, as well as a place to ask questions. So we created the OWS Alumni Facebook group. This is a great location for you to brainstorm with fellow classmates or ask questions of the instructor (Please tag @HeidiAngell-Author). When you set up your newsletter, feel free to invite the Alumni to be your first sign ups!

If you have questions about the course, or would like feedback on your copy, this is a great place to ask for help.

Simply start your post off with KEYWORD MYEM and then add your question. For example:


I just finished writing my welcome email for my newsletter and would appreciate some feedback. Here it is (copy your welcome email) Any feedback is greatly appreciated,

Thanks, Heidi.

Please keep this in mind as you work through this course. We are all here to help build one another up.

For those who aren't familiar with OWS Ink, LLC, we have an amazing number of resources for authors, including some great Facebook groups:

OWS Word Mafia- for writing prompts, feedback, and questions on all things writing.

OWS Mafia Muses- Basically Word Mafia for our poetry peeps,

OWS Author Anonymous- For daily marketing synergy. We're all authors sharing one another's posts. Sharing is caring!

OWS Mafia Bookshelf- This is our reader-focused group where we host book launch events, takeovers, and promote author's books to our reader group.

OWS Bloggers/Contributors- Want to build your street cred? Come write a guest post for us.

We also have a couple websites and blogs you might find handy:

OurWriteside.com- There are a ton of resources on this site, from convention lists to author tools, and our blog where we do a lot of deep dive and DIY articles on everything from brainstorming to advertising. We also welcome guest posts from authors to build their street cred.

OWSink- This is our reader focused site, but has a lot for authors too. We have DIY author interviews, character spotlights, and welcome authors to share snippets of their works. We also have a book readers club where you can share your book for reviews. This is a great resource to help you build your own reader-focused newsletter once you've hit your current people and get a rhythm going!

OWS Chrysalis- Being an author is tough. Knowing who to trust for editing, marketing support, graphic design and advertising is quite the hurdle. Finding trusted resources at reasonable prices? Almost unheard of. Hence why OWS Created Chrysalis. We've sussed out some of the best and most affordable service providers in the industry and we make sure everyone is happy at the end of a project.

OWS U- And don't forget to check out our ever-expanding list of courses designed to teach you the skills you need to be an author today.

Now on to the Maximize Your E-newsletter Masterclass!